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Charts began to appear in Australia in 1958 with 2UE in Sydney publishing a giveaway via record stores and Top 40 charts were later published in newspapers with the sole purpose of advertising for specific radio stations.

The charts are an important guide to a recording artist’s success and, in general, outlining the career of an artist.  Growing up in the early 70’s and 80’s, magazines such as Go-Set and the Top 40 charts were my only source of regular information on artists and their releases.

The Internet in the 90’s was providing some additional information, most of which was on American and British releases along with the majority of book publications.

Recently, interest in CD’s has declined and the interest in vinyl from the past continues to grow despite the increase download / portable technology.

As collectors of all ages track down all the records they want in a particular genre, they start to broaden their horizons.