The Author

Thomas Balacco

Born in the early 1970’s, music has been a passion all my life, having started out with vinyl, and then cassette, then CD and then back to vinyl.  I always felt at home with the black plastic.

Watching countdown on a Sunday night through the 70’s and then the 80’s, I was always eager to see the latest clips and hear Molly’s “Do yourself a favour and buy this record”, as I felt his recommendations were in line with my taste in music.

Listening to artists such as Skyhooks, Little River Band, Master Apprentices and Sherbet growing up, I felt Australian music was as good as any music released from overseas artists.

I consider these songs, important artistic documents that have become the fabric of our culture, and also part of our national and international psyche.  Music in any genre is incredibly important in most people’s lives.