In 2016, Aussie Vinyl released its First Edition of its record guide which received great feedback from buyers, libraries, collectors, clubs and various other institutions. At the time, the book was the most extensive price guide ever to be released for vinyl records in Australia and had listed 70,000 records, over 17,000 artists featuring over 1,000 record labels.
During the editing process in 2015 and 2016, the biggest challenge was what to omit, as the book was over 1,000 pages at the time of print, and it was impossible to print our entire database.

Fast forward six years and Aussie Vinyl has uncovered thousands of artists worldwide, along with additional releases and record labels. During this period, we have been contacted by numerous people, organisations, journalists and television programs for the information, answering questions, book purchasing and emails to say hello, which has been tremendous.
The most common question has been “When are you releasing the next edition?”. As time and money is always a factor with anything, we have decided to release an Australian/NZ Artist only edition later this year. This way we can list and revise all the information we have for Australian/NZ Artists from 1920-1991. This book will cover Pop and Rock genres, and other genres, such as Jazz, Folk, Country, Reggae, Novelty, House etc.
There will not be every Australian/NZ Artist, as I’m not sure all that information is not available. Still as it stands, we have thousands of artists and tens-of-thousands of listings and more being added all the time.
Due to the feedback, we have received over the last few years, and information we have obtained from music fans and collectors, we have decided to let all music fans out there have the chance to contribute to the next book.
We are asking for contributions from the public to add to the next book. Contributions received from the public of an artist and or listing that we do not have in our database, will be acknowledged.
All contributions must have clear photos of the cover (back and front), inserts if any (back and front), record labels (A+B) and any additional packaging/inserts included with record also. Merely stating the information without photo evidence cannot be accepted, as past information provided without photo proof has turned out to be incorrect.