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Graceland – 40 Years

Aussie Vinyl’s Pilgrimage to Elvis’ Graceland — Why Every Music Fan Should Go


Elvis Presley’s home Graceland is an example of style and class for a poor Memphis boy making the American dream his own. Aussie Vinyl recounts the experience of visiting the famous mansion on the 40th anniversary of his death.


Purchased by Elvis Presley in 1957, the Neoclassical Colonial-style home is nine miles away from Memphis’ center and was initially intended to keep out the fans and media. According to Graceland, over 600,000 people tour the house, grounds, and museum annually with total visits reaching 20 million in 2016.


A time capsule of the 1960s and 1970s style, the rooms are maintained just as Elvis and his family lived in them. Graceland stands as the epitome of a poor boy with little education making the American dream his own.


For music fans, this is where the King lived, breathed, played, worked and recorded many hits during his career. The house would be the place where he would die unexpectedly and eventually be the place where fans would pay their respects.


Elvis became an instant national sensation on “Ed Sullivan Show,” and became the biggest Icon in music around the world until the Beatles changed everything.


At 7:30 am every morning, the gates of Graceland are opened to the members of the public for 1 hour at no cost to pay their respects to Elvis at his graveside. Graceland now has a new exhibition center across the road from the mansion showcasing his cars, motorcycles, archives, concert attire, personal effects and movie memorabilia which opened in March 2017.


For the biggest fan’s the “Ultimate VIP Pass” at the new center allows you a guide through the mansion, and access to the house all day. You also have access to a restricted area showcasing more concert attire, gold-plated items such as phones, guns, etc., and also access to his ultimate personal items such as his rings, his belt buckle, comb and gold microphone.


Of course, there are his two planes adjacent to the center which you have access to inside which showcases celebrity travel in the 70’s.


Graceland - Lounge + Music Room  Graceland - Dining Room Graceland - Kitchen  Graceland - Pool Room

Graceland - Jungle Room 1  Graceland - Jungle Room 2 

Graceland - TV Room  Graceland - Rear

Graceland - Pool  Graceland - Racquet Ball

Graceland - Pink Cadillac  Graceland - Front Gates